Why Yoga pancake?

1. Yoga can often seem intimidating to try for the first time. That’s why I enjoy serving a fresh perspective, blended with a friendly and curious approach, topped with a focus on correct technique. Pancakes come in all shapes, sizes, and flavours. I believe your yoga practice should reflect this level of diversity and care.


2. Having travelled extensively, I wanted a name that reflects my Canadian heritage. Pancakes are a classic Canadian breakfast accompanied by maple syrup, butter, and fruit. They’re an excellent way to start your morning, just like yoga.


3. Pancake Pose (also known as Kurmasana Pose or tortoise Pose) is an intense forward fold that decreases sensory distractions and quiets the nervous system. This advanced level posture may look awkward or different, and students often feel this way (or like a pancake) in many poses they try. It reminds us to start our practice with an open mind and being okay if we don’t succeed on our first attempts. I see yoga as a journey, not just a series of stretches or poses. Whatever it may look like, yoga is mindful movement to keep you present and connected to your inner self.

Jennifer is great at bringing you into focus and helping you get the most out of your yoga practice. She put together a custom program that targeted my goals and suited my abilities. I really appreciate that she was able to adapt the movements and poses in the moment to work best for me. Even though I am a total beginner, Jennifer was able to guide me through the session with ease. She will bring you into focused, meditative space, where you can set aside the chaos of life and focus on your breath. Her rates are very reasonable, and I would highly recommend her to anyone.”       – Jake McIntyre-Paul